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Mystery Cork Giveaway

Fifth Leg Launch Microsite

Treasure Wine Estates approached us with an interesting challenge:  The LCBO had given trial listings to 30 Australian wine brands for the summer season - but only the TOP FIVE would receive permanent listing in the fall. They wanted to invest in making Fifth Leg a success, but couldn't spend too much against such long odds.  


And how would we make one Australian brand stand out - for very little money? 

Drawing on the dog character that graced their labels in Australia, we created the Fifth Leg Dog Translator microsite - a place where drinkers could hear the dog bark out the tasting notes of the wine, and have their own names translated into "Dog."

A street team's mystery cork giveaway drove users to the site, and social media postings of their name translations grew visits exponentially as the viral campaign spread.

At the end of the test period, Fifth Leg Red placed 2nd, and Fifth Leg White placed 4th.  

I'd call that a win.

On Premise signage & Packaging
Dog Translator Microsite
Website Fly-through Video
Social Media Viral Growth
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